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Some newer decks require little or no preparation. Most decks however must be restored to their original color before stain is applied.

We use a 2 step process to restore you deck to its natural beauty.

1.  The surface is thoroughly coated with Penofin® Weatherblaster®

2. The deck is then pressure washed

weatherblaster.gifpw bench2 w.jpg


pw bench w.jpg


Restore the new appearance to weathered, untreated wooden siding, decks and fences - safely and easily - with .

applies easily with brush or sprayer to virtually wash away the gray weathering so common to untreated wood.

is safe for your flowers, landscape foliage and our environment.


wb before and after.jpg

Pressure washing is a very important procedure involved in the restoration and maintenance of a deck.

The pressure washing process removes the top layer of dead fibers from the deck. This restores the natural finish and porosity of the wood.

The stain will then penetrate deeper into the wood and result in a longer lasting finish.










Pressure washing is not easy, and should be left to professional pressure washers. Even the slightest mistakes can leave permanent scars in the wood. This may lead to the need for board or deck replacement


If you prefer to do your own pressure washing, then check out our pressure washer rental page.







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