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Doís and Doníts


Professional synthetic putting greens have helped shave useless strokes off a golferís handicap. Once installed in the yard, they are maintenance-free, they dramatically enhance surrounding landscape of any kind, and they are proven to increase property value. According to the Wall Street Journal, over 250,000 homeowners already know this and have backyard putting greens. Put your skills to test on your own personal putting green with these tips:


Do:            use your putting green as your own 24-hour golf training facility 

Do:            increase the property value of your home by installing a green 

Do:               add aesthetic beauty to your landscaping 

Do:               improve your short game

Do:               entertain and impress all your guests and golf buddies with your new toy 

Do:               let your spouse have landscaping of his or her own in return for your greenís installation  

Do:               reduce the amount of water needed on your lawn by up to 30%  

Donít:      water, fertilize, or mow your green, itís synthetic 

Donít:      stress over maintaining your green, just use a leaf blower to clean it off     

Donít:      pay out of your pocket for the green, tie it in with another exterior project like a    deck or patio and cover the cost with the home-improvement loan

Donít:      compromise any step of the installation process 

Donít:      let your pets use them for their outdoor ďneedsĒ 

Donít:      let your spouse get better at putting than you!



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