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Interlocking Retaining Walls


Retaining Walls Add Functionality & Visual Appeal To A Landscape.

unilock retaining wall1.jpg

unilock retaining wall2.jpg

Brick Walls Are Strong & Durable.

They Prevent Erosion & Add A Terrace Effect

Available In Different Shapes, Colors & Textures

We take the proper steps & use the best materials to ensure a beautiful wall that will last a lifetime.

We prepare the base with a compacted surface. The area behind the wall is then filled with pea gravel and drainage tile.

Vertical & “Dead Man” supports conclude the construction of a well built wall that you will enjoy For Years.

We Also Create Wood Retaining Walls &Garden Walls

Wood walls can be an excellent alternative to brick walls. Especially when budget is a factor.

Wood walls offer strength and durability and can be implemented for a fraction of the cost of a brick wall. (Wood is much cheaper than brick)

timber wall2 w1.jpg













Timber Retaining Walls (above & below)

Wall is Constructed of Beautiful Landscape Timbers

Timber walls are very strong and durable. The average life expectancy is 15-20 years.

We take great care in following the proper steps to ensure that your wall is properly built.

timber wall w.jpg


Wood Block Walls(below)

Wood Block Walls Are The Strongest & Most Rugged Wood Walls.

We Use Treated 6”x8” Wood Beams

The average Life Expectancy For A Wood Block Wall Is 25-30 Years.


6x8 wall w.jpg

We take the proper steps & use the best materials to ensure a beautiful wall that will last a lifetime.



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